Wialon TOP 50 Global Rating
Wialon TOP 50 Global is the first rating established by Gurtam and the most popular one
among the Wialon partners. It shows the success of the global telematics community when
it comes to the number of connected units.
The award ceremony took place on September 9, 2021.
The Wialon TOP 50 Global rating features the telematics providers who connected the biggest number of units to the Wialon GPS tracking system over the last 12 months.

The top 10 companies get the gold partner status, the next 15 positions are granted the silver one, while the integrators who took the positions from 26 to 50 obtain the bronze partner status.

Although all the challenges businesses have been facing for quite some time already, the rating's leaders retain their positions. At the same time, new companies keep appearing on the list, too. Any company that did well within the year after the previous ceremony can make it to the Wialon TOP 50 Global rating.
Being at the rating's top is not just the triumph within the Wialon community, but also the indicator of the company's success in the global telematics market. We will honor the hard work and rightful success of each company ranking in Wialon TOP 50 Global with a special trophy and a certificate.
Companies ranked as
Wialon TOP 50 Global in 2021
How it was: watch the Wialon TOP 50
Global ceremony

Wialon TOP 50 Global: results 2021
Read in our blog about what one needs to do to get into the top list, what is so magical about the winner, which company was honored twice during the ceremony and why, and, definitely, about the 50 top companies in the rating.
The award ceremony 2021 gallery
How it was back in the day
The Wialon TOP 50 Global award ceremony that celebrates the success of the fastest-growing Wialon integrators has been taking place for several years already, each time gaining the attention of the whole telematics community. The ceremony traditionally takes place during the gala party held at the end of the Telematics annual partner conference in Minsk.
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    The interview with 2020 winner – Wialon Service
    How difficult was it to connect the biggest number of units out of all other companies in the community?
    Was the victory expected?
    How the COVID-19 crisis affected the business?

    Read all of this in the interview with the winner.
    The award ceremony 2020 gallery
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